Dec 23, 2012

Claim more SSD drive space on Windows

Ok when we talk about SSD, we all knew the sweet juicy lovely speed of it, but we hate the pricey pricetag, its tiny size and the performance degradation.
But worry not, price is lowering everyday. I just got my 240GB Kingston SSD 3K for less than $1/GB. Kingston claims it can last for more than 8 years with daily IO of 10GB. That’s about 29.2TB IO !!! I bet personally I’ll never exceed that limit.
But 240GB is a bit tiny for my OS, Virtual Machines + all the dev tool (FYI I have VS2008,VS2010,V2012, MSSQL 2008-2012 with 50GB db in total.
So, I only worry about its “tiny” size. What I do ? I go cleanup hard disk. How?
1. Manually I go disable the page file, disable hibernatation (powercfg –h off) and move my System Restore folder to the other 3TB drive. I don’t need any of these on my SSD. Love it, +14GB at least.
2. : in short, run this command:
dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded
Reduce huge WinSXS folder. Love it too, +4GB.
3. Run CCleaner – useful and easy. Just a click, +3GB and all thrash cleanup.
Results: on my workstation with 240GB SSD
Before: Free space = 121GB
After: Free space= 142GB (+21GB ! Yay)

Dec 9, 2012

How to download Steam update faster ?

Recently I ran into this kind of frustration, whenever I login Steam to play my favorite Dota 2, I’ll be force to install some updates. The update download take forever to finish, it keeps stuck at some certain percent. Poofff Valve, wth ?!!!

So it take a while and I figure out that somehow my TCP connection to Valve update server got stuck.

Tada, that’s an easy fix ! I downloaded Sysinternal TCPView, and whenever the connection got stuck, I close it and wait for a while: the update connection will auto-reconnect back to the server, and zap!! My update finished much faster than before.


Try it for yourself if you have my problems