Aug 4, 2011

Render your Windows font differently – be like Mac

Have you ever feel envious with Mac OS user because of the way Mac OS renders font ?OK, I admitted I did. But no more – with the help of these things:

  • GDI++ [download]
  • Lucida Grande font [download]
  • Installation:
    - Download these 2 files above.
    - Extract the GDI++ into your Program menu folder, then put a shortcut of Gditray.exe into Startup folder
    - Extract and copy the 2 Lucida Grande fonts into C:\Windows\Fonts
    - Execute the .reg file

    After that, you will see GDI++ icon in the task bar. Click Use preferences –> Bold / Medium / Light.
    Click Enable



    This is what looks like with GDI enabled:image

    And GDI disabled:image

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