Jan 30, 2013

How to: solved Synergy problem with shared keyboard between Mac and Windows


In case you own an Macbook (running Mac or Windows in Bootcamp mode) and another PC, you may want to share the keyboard and mouse using a nice tool Synergy (download here).

For introduction on Synergy I’ll let you explore its website.

Problem: Before you get too excited, you’ll probably run into this problem: if you setup your Mac as client and PC as server, probably you’ll cannot type on Mac.

Root cause: Different keyboard mapping causes Synergy to behave like that. If you check the synergy.log, error code is due to mismatch keyboard layout. The keyboard code on your Mac after install Bootcamp driver will be something like English (Apple) which is incompatible with your Windows, most of the time is English (United States).

Well Synergy should be improved to accept such different keyboard layout), but that’s for later.

Solution: Just delete the default keyboard on Mac (running Windows) and add the English (United States) – US or whatever keyboard code you’re using on your Server. You’ll be able to use your PC keyboard immediately.


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