Feb 22, 2015

Hardware hack - how to make your mouse more quiet


Ever feel annoyed by the clicking sound of your mouse, especially at night ? I do. So I just purchase this great Logitech M325 wireless mouse – it has ergonomic build, with contour curve and striped grip that fit nicely on my palm. But the clicking sound is just too much.

OK, my hardware senses are tingling. Let’s find out how to make this mouse more quiet.

Step 1: Open the case

The Logitech wireless mouse M325 is a little bit different from the rest. To open it, you got to remove the battery and the battery label beneath. Then you’ll see a little hidden screw. Remove it


Step 2: Open the click latch

Once you open up your mouse, look for the click latch. Use a penknife, gentle open the latch.
My tips: put the mouse on a black surface. The little white latch on top is very small and it may fly off.


Step 3: Adjust the latch:

Once the latch is opened, you’ll see the latch and the copper switch. Use your knife, put a little pressure to tilt the latch and see if the noise is as quiet as you want. You can use a pen to press on the switch to test.





That’s it. Now just reassemble everything and enjoy your quiet mouse. Man I could barely hear myself clicking Smile !


  1. I used your knowledge to fix the left button that was having issues. Thanks man!

  2. Do you have any clicking problems? (Double click, holding texts or moving files)

    1. No, not at all. I have done this trick for 3 mouses (two Logitech 305M and one Logitech 325M). All works very well, the clicking is very quiet, and tacky. It feels like typing on a Apple Magic keyboard.

    2. Thank you for fast reply, im gonna doin it right now! Have a nice day!

    3. Firstly i did too much pressure then feeling the click is gone. After that re-opened the mouse and enlarged back a little now its great! %60 sound is gone! No double clicking, no mistake on holding texts or moving files) Absolutely great!!! Thank you so much sir!!!